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Celebrating Another Milestone in Safety

At Roncelli, we are proud to announce that we have reached two significant safety milestones in our company history. As of January 2024, we have achieved 2 years straight without a recordable injury! As of March we are currently at 27 months without out a recordable injury, let’s keep it going! With construction being a high hazard industry, with ever changing challenges, most competitors, unfortunately, never reach this achievement. Our insurance company Amerisure recognized us with an award to celebrate this great milestone last month. With 2 years straight of no recordable injuries has also put our total hours worked without a Lost Time Injury at 6-million hours! These are remarkable achievements that reflect your commitment to our great safety culture and always striving for safety excellence.




I want to thank all our team members for their dedication and support in making safety a priority on every project. Your hard work, vigilance, and adherence to our safety standards and protocols have made this possible. I also want to acknowledge our safety reward recipients for their continuing support in ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for everyone. Together, we have proven that safety is not just a goal, but a value that we live by every day.

– Brett, Director of Health and Safety