Building strong relationships

We’re only as good as our trade partners, and we value building lasting relationships. Roncelli builds business by treating every subcontractor, supplier, architect, designer, engineer and consultant partner like a person, not a number. We’re only successful if our trade partners are successful. We require talented trade partners to build excellence. Roncelli vets potential trade partners through TradeTapp.

Opportunities to bid are available on BuildingConnected, and the majority of projects are private. We strongly encourage you to prequalify via TradeTapp for invite-only opportunities to bid.

Bid and award process

When bidding a project, Roncelli uses community engagement, local sources, industry knowledge and a prequalified potential bidders list through TradeTapp and BuildingConnected to determine a bid list. If you are determined to be a viable potential bidder, you will be invited to submit your bid via email from BuildingConnected.

How to prequalify

  1. Create a BuildingConnected company account if you do not already have one. If you already have an account, use your current login credentials.
  2. Complete Roncelli’s TradeTapp Prequalification Questionnaire using your BuildingConnected account.
  3. During prequalification, or before award, please be prepared to submit the following where prompted:
  1. Form W-9
  2. EMR letter for previous three years
  3. Safety manual
  4. Letter from bonding company
  5. Current insurance certificate and additional insured forms CG2010 and CG2037
  6. SBE/DBE/WBE/MBE/VBE/LGBTBE status and certificates

How to bid

To receive private invitations to bid via BuildingConnected, please take the time to prequalify. Our Virtual Bid Board has select public projects currently open for bid; if you are not prequalified with us, you’ll need to qualify through TradeTapp before receiving an award. Most projects are private and are invite-only.
If you have already prequalified with Roncelli and have a bidding- or award-related question, contact us at