Building green

Roncelli knows how to build green projects, using sustainable construction methods, built so that they can be operated efficiently—all while reducing project costs. As the world looks to improve environmental stewardship, we’re also pushing the envelope on what it means to build green.

It’s good for business

Going green impacts more than our communities—it impacts your ROI.

We can help you conserve water, save energy, reduce construction waste, lower operating costs and leverage government incentives to make it profitable to prioritize the environment

Constructing sustainably

Building green isn’t just about the final product; it’s also about the building process. We’re raising the bar on what it means to sustainably source, segregate waste, recycle, minimize energy usage, eliminate VOCs, and reuse building materials. Even our offices run on renewable energy.

We run on MIGreen Power.

LEED experienced

We know how to build green projects in a sustainable fashion that operate efficiently. And when LEED certification is important, we know how to achieve that goal too.  Our certified professionals can help you achieve your green building goals and LEED certification, by:
  • Assessing design for environmental LEED points
  • Assessing design for community LEED points
  • Employing green construction methods
  • Sourcing sustainable building materials
  • Segregating and recycling construction waste
  • Documenting LEED compliance
  • Creating and submitting LEED scorecards
  • Analyze cost benefits of going LEED

Let's get green

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