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Pollinator Garden Established

Roncelli, Inc. created a garden in the front of its headquarters in
Sterling Heights, to attract a healthy mix of pollinators. Pollinators,
the animals that move pollen from flower to flower to accomplish
fertilization, are vital to the health and economy of flowering plants
as well as many crops. Pollinator species include bees, butterflies,
moths, hummingbirds, beetles, flies and, in some regions, bats. Our
pollinator garden will attract these animals.

David Roncelli and Steve Skaglin spearheaded the pollinator garden
project. They led a team of volunteers from Roncelli, which included
family members, to complete the garden and coordinated the process
with the Wildlife Habitat Council. “This is our way to demonstrate
to the community and our customers Roncelli’s commitment to
environmental sustainability and biodiversity, stated David Roncelli,
Executive Vice President.

The project is intended to educate and inspire others to increase
pollinator presence in their own gardens by growing plants that are a
good source of nectar. “We want to encourage people to plant their
own pollinator patches,” Roncelli’s Executive Director of Business
Development, Steve Skaglin stated. Michigan native plants such as
Asters, Bee Balm, Prairie Dropseed, Switchgrass, Beardtongue and
Wild Strawberries are a few of the many varieties of plants packed
into the plot. A birdhouse centered in the garden will add habitat for
birds, an added dimension to the garden. Roncelli is taking steps to
have the new garden certified by the Wildlife Habitat Council.