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President Obama Visits Roncelli Jobsite

President Obama Attends LG Chem

Battery Plant Groundbreaking

President Obama visited Holland, Michigan on Thursday July 15th to participate in the groundbreaking ceremony for the new LG Chem battery plant. This plant was funded in part by a DOE stimulus grant of $151 million with a matching $151 million provided by LG Chem. Once fully operational in 2012, the plant will be capable of producing enough cells for 200,000 hybrids and electric cars, and will specifically be making the cells both for the Chevolet Volt and the upcoming Ford Focus Electric, expected to go on sale in 2011.

” This is more than just building a new factory,” said Obama. ” It’s about building a better future for this city, for this state, and for this country.”

The 650,000 square foot LG Chem plant is expected to produce 300 jobs.

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Obama Groundbreaking Colage