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Roncelli Breaks Ground on Detroit's First Clinical Care Center

A celebratory groundbreaking ceremony took place on Wednesday, June 22nd to mark the commencement of construction on Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network (DWIHN) Clinical Care Center located at 707 West Milwaukee. This marks the city of Detroit’s first Clinical Care Center. Roncelli will be the construction manager on the project.

“We are pleased to transform this building into a Clinical Care Center in which people that need short term crisis intervention whether it’s for mental health or substance use disorder, get the help they need and get connected to services and support,” said DWIHN President/CEO Eric Doeh. “The goal is to alleviate taking someone who is in crisis to jail or the emergency department and get them the appropriate help they need. This Care Center is unique because all the services are all under one roof, Crisis Stabilization, Crisis Residential and Crisis Sober Living.”

The facility scheduled to open early 2023 will be a place where adults and children can be evaluated to determine their medical necessity for crisis level services. It will add 39 beds to DWIHN’s Crisis Continuum and will be a 24-hour Clinical Care Center.

State and local elected officials and County and City law enforcement were present for the event.