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Roncelli Celebrates Second Year with Zero Recordable Injuries

Starting the new year with news to celebrate…
For the second consecutive year, Roncelli proudly closed out 2023 with zero accidents/OSHA recordable injuries. The company has also reached the milestone of 6 million manhours worked without a single lost-time injury.

Construction is a high hazard industry, where an Experience Modification Rating (EMR) of 1.0 is considered typical with a lower rating indicating lower safety risk. Our .63 EMR rating and zero recordable injuries allow us to show, not just say, that safety is a priority at Roncelli.

Year after year, Roncelli and our individual team members continue to set a standard in the construction industry and show how projects should be built safely. As Director of Health & Safety Brett Gaudreau frequently emphasizes, “It takes full commitment from every team member to lead by example, promote a positive safety culture and execute our policies and procedures on our projects.” This mindset and commitment to our safety program is shared throughout the company and beyond.

In 2024, we will continue to challenge our team members and trade partners to make safety a priority. These accomplishments were achieved daily, hourly, and even by the minute by diligent team members and leadership who ensure that excellence in safety is the standard on all Roncelli projects.