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Roncelli Marks 5 Million Man-Hours with Zero Lost Time Injuries

Roncelli Inc celebrates 5 Million Man Hours with zero lost-time injuries.
Roncelli Inc celebrates 5 Million Man Hours with zero lost-time injuries.
Reaching a new milestone in its long-distinguished history, top construction company Roncelli, Inc. announced that it achieved the distinction of compiling more than 5 million hours worked without a lost-time injury since 2007. Roncelli reached the milestone during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing further confirmation of its commitment to workplace safety.

To mark the milestone event, Roncelli hosted a virtual celebration, led by Gino Roncelli, Vice President of Roncelli, Inc., Thomas Wickersham, President, Paul Day, Director-Project Management, and Brett Gaudreau, Director-Health & Safety.

“I’d like to recognize the high level of safety awareness that team members bring to their jobs each day. It is a remarkable accomplishment to work not only one year with zero lost-time injuries but over a decade, especially in construction,” said Gino Roncelli. “Congratulations and thank you to everyone in the organization for making safety their number one priority!”

“I echo Gino’s comments,” said Brett Gaudreau. “While there are many people and processes behind the scenes that help pave the way for Roncelli’s success, it’s our many project managers, site superintendents, and field teams who deserve special credit for their efforts. Everyone should be proud to reach this milestone.”

Leading up to this event, Roncelli received an award from Amerisure Insurance Company in recognition of Roncelli’s outstanding safety record. Roncelli seeks to continually improve its safety program and culture to ensure that all team members go home healthy and safe every day.