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Roncelli Supports CAM Roundtable Initiatives

Sterling Heights, MI, November 7, 2014 – Roncelli, Inc. is a primary contributor in the Construction Association of Michigan’s (CAM) Construction Industry Roundtable events sponsored by Doeren Mayhew.  The Roundtables’ primary objectives are to identify key issues within Michigan’s construction industry and develop strategies aimed at improving the industry’s performance and Michigan’s competitive advantage.

The Roundtables involve thought leaders within the architectural, engineering and construction industry, and include select Michigan-based owners to discuss concerns and offer solutions in an open, thought-provoking business environment, to advance the interests of the construction industry in Michigan. These solutions will improve CAM’s value to its members and positively influencing public policy through CAM’s Public Affairs Committee to foster a Pro-Business/Pro-Construction environment.

Principal topics included:

  1. Collaboration
  2. Funding
  3. Contract Language
  4. Workforce Development

“As an industry leader, Roncelli is committed to demonstrating thoughtful leadership aimed at improving our industry and ensuring business owners and construction trade-workers a successful outcome,” said Roncelli President Tom Wickersham.

As part of the CAM Roundtable, Roncelli is dedicated to leveraging its knowledge and expertise to promote initiatives that will inevitably stimulate the growth and opportunity for Michigan’s construction trades, subcontractors, suppliers, A/E’s and stakeholders who serve the construction industry.

For more information on the CAM Construction Industry Roundtable, please contact Davida Gerrity at