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Gino Roncelli
Vice President
As Roncelli's vice president, Gino Roncelli is responsible for overseeing internal operations, helping build strong customer relationships, maximizing the firm’s operating performance and helping achieve Roncelli's financial goals. He is the third-generation Roncelli to manage the company and is responsible for driving the company's culture of operational excellence, great talent and most importantly, putting the customer first. Gino is a University of Michigan graduate, earning his Bachelor of Business Administration degree in finance from the Ross School of Business. While building his career at Roncelli, he attended Wayne State University Law School. Now a licensed attorney in Michigan and LEED® accredited, Gino has more than 12 years of construction services experience. On a personal note Gino lives in Downtown Detroit, Mich., and loves the revitalization of the city. He also enjoys spending time with his family in the "country." He volunteers with the Detroit Parade Company, the Boll Family YMCA and other Detroit-based NGOs. Gino is an avid skier, snowboarder, scuba diver and intramural sports player.