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Jereme Poxson
Director - Healthcare
Jereme Poxson is responsible for developing and nurturing Roncelli’s healthcare market segment. For the past 10 years, Jereme has focused solely on healthcare construction and the unique complexities involved. He has a true passion and understanding for making sure owner operations are not affected during construction projects; this includes putting patients and visitors first. Jereme graduated from Western Michigan University with a background in construction management. After spending a few years in Connecticut working in the family construction business, Jereme joined Roncelli in 1998 as an estimator. Developing his career from estimator to chief estimator and ultimately to director of healthcare, Jereme utilizes his unique background to provide cost-centered focus to help clients achieve their goals. On a personal note Jereme currently resides in Rochester, Mich., and enjoys spending time with his family, outdoor activities and travel.