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Roncelli Family Foundation

The Communities in which we work support us, and we think its our job to support them in return. The Roncelli Family Foundation was formed in 2019 to do just that. Through the private donations of Gary & Sharon Roncelli, and the charitable giving of Roncelli’s Team Members and Partners, the Roncelli Family Foundation is in the business of raising funds and awareness to support increased access to opportunity, and improved quality of life, for Metro-Detroit’s next generation of builders.


The Roncelli Family Foundation has quietly donated over $1M since its inception toward increasing access to opportunity, and improving the quality of life, for Metro-Detroit’s next generation of builders.  We’ve partnered with healthcare NGO’s to increase access to healthcare and support front line healthcare workers.  We’ve donated to higher-ed scholarships promoting access to STEM careers for under-privileged youth in our communities. We’ve helped fund the Detroit Parade and Fireworks.  And supported many endeavors in-between that help make Metro-Detroit a great place to work, live and play. 

Some of the Partners we Support

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