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Lyon Distribution Center II




New Hudson, MI



151, 593 SF

Delivery Methods

General Contracting

Roncelli worked close with the Owner during the estimating phase to develop project budget and assisted with design coordination. Once construction documents where complete Roncelli was asked to provide GC Lump Sum services per the latest budget with a negotiated fee.

Project was awarded to Roncelli December of 2021 with a completion date of November 2022. Onsite construction did not start until January 26, 2022, for silt fence and site clearing but then was put on hold for approximately three months due to ground conditions (Frost / moisture). It was determined in early April to proceed with soil stabilization which entailed both the building and exterior concrete and paving footprint. Once site was stabilized Roncelli started site import and building foundations.

In the summer of 2022 precast panels were put into place, steel erection commenced, metal roof decking and roofing were all completed on time- despite unexpected delays.

Once the structure was enclosed, Roncelli completed the building enclosure which included glass, OH doors, louvers and Cambridge unit heaters. Roncelli also painted exterior precast, installed EFIS soffits etc., masonry, concrete & asphalt paving, landscaping, irrigation, site & building lighting, NG, electrical & water service.

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