Preconstruction is about collaboration and planning

If you plan it better, you’ll build it better. When you engage us for preconstruction we’ll collaborate with the owner, architect and strategic subcontractors to eliminate waste and unwanted costs before your project even starts. Or, if schedule is important, we can fast-track design and bid packs to expedite your project start. A great plan can help keep your project under budget and ahead of schedule.

Preconstruction services process

Design Development

Collaboration with A/E and owner to develop a virtual rendering of the intended project and to develop the design into a project that meets the owner’s intent. Design is developed to engineer-out cost leveraging our experience and construction planning technology.

Constructibility Review

Collaboration with A/E and subcontractors to ensure the design is constructible and to explore alternate construction means and methods and modify design to streamline schedule and cost.

Cost Estimating

Collaboration with internal experts and strategic subcontractors to estimate total project cost. Leveraging input, historical data, and intelligent modeling and design continues to be developed as we move from conceptual to schematic to final project budget.

Value Engineering

Evaluation of the design and cost estimate to explore creative ideas to reduce cost through considering modification of design, differing construction techniques, alternate materials and the like. Parallel with cost estimating.


Duration, phasing and sequencing planning to ascertain the fastest possible project delivery schedule. Collaboration to explore opportunities to expedite schedule and cost-benefit analysis. Parallel with cost estimating.

Procurement Strategy

Evaluation of potential trade partner availability, capacity, quality and interest. Guidance on bid list development and strategy including assistance with labor relations, community engagement and diversity and inclusion considerations.

Complete Project Plan

Meeting of the minds to agree upon final project design, budget, schedule and procurement strategy. Provide help with entitlements, permits and municipal approvals if needed. The plan is complete.

Construction Award

Award and begin construction. At this point, we hope our knowledge of your project plan and our proven expertise make us a great choice to be your construction partner.

Confidence from day one

When you hire Roncelli for preconstruction services, we’ll prove that our precise planning and attention to detail makes your construction smoother and more affordable.

Our experienced team and thorough preconstruction process gives owners the confidence they need to build.

Plan smarter to build better

A smarter plan leads to better construction. We leverage cutting-edge technology to make us smarter in designing, budgeting, scheduling and delivering construction.

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