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Karmanos Cancer Institute Weisberg Expansion – Gamma Knife Suite Renovation


Karmanos Cancer Institute


Farmington Hills, Mich.



14,000 SF


Delivery Methods

Construction Management

Roncelli, Inc. was hired by Karmanos Cancer Institute (KCI) to complete phase one of the renovation and expansion to the current KCI building in Farmington Hills. The project was completed within an active treatment facility which required the Roncelli team to communicate and coordinate with the KCI facility to ensure utility shutdowns did not disrupt day-to-day operations.

The project scope included the renovation and expansion of the cancer center, including procedure rooms, nurse station, gowned waiting and changing rooms, ancillary spaces and two (2) mobile MRI and PET scanner ports. Additionally, interior renovations were completed to the existing areas offering the latest radiation oncology and cancer treatment advancements. Roncelli oversaw extensive infrastructure upgrades which included two (2) new generators, an air handling unit, boilers, pumps, water heaters and HVAC controls.

The trailer bays were also constructed to allow KCI to station additional temporary MRI/PET scan trailers when demand is high. The team facilitated the delivery and install of the new Gamma Knife laser surgery equipment and Roncelli’s Self Perform Group supported the project by providing custom new architectural finishes, including faux beams, acrovyn wall finishes, Getty Image wall finishes and aesthetic marble wall finishes.

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